Columbia Echo Base Star Wars Collection

Colombia will be releasing a limited edition crossover line with Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back called The Echo Base Collection. The line will  replicate the jackets/parkas that Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Leia Organa wore on the icy planet of Hoth.

Luke Skywalker’s jacket is perfectly represented and is pretty much an exact replica. It also features a few nods to other aspects of Star Wars, such as his insanely hot looking home planet. Also good for battling Wampas.

The Echo Base Collection will also feature feature Han Solo’s Parka, which again features some cool extra nods to the Star Wars universe (including everybody’s favorite ship the Millennium Falcon). Perfect for saving your friends from Hoth’s frozen wasteland.

Finally, last but not least there is Princess Leia’s Jacket which again looks very much like what she wore in The Empire Strikes Back. Great for anyone oblivious to the fact that the cybernetic man terrorizing the universe, is actually her (spoilers) father.

The entire line will be launching in less than 24 hours so check out the site here for more info!

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