Fire Lee’s Throwback to 1990s Category III Exploitation Cinema “Husband Killers” Opens Today

Fire Lee follows up his cult hit Robbery (2016) with Husband Killers, a dark comedy throwback to 1990s Category III cinema with throwbacks to another era in its marketing.

In Robbery, Fire Lee definitely showed us his knack for using off-the-wall violence and sexiness to deliver biting social satire.  By the trailer, it’s pretty obvious that Fire Lee directed Husband Killers with tongue firmly in cheek.  Character names such as Chanel Tsui, Hermes Tong, and Dior Mok indicate right away that the film’s bodycount is not meant to be taken too seriously.  For this film, it seems like Lee has also thrown in a lot of stylistic homage to Wong Jing classics of the 90s like Naked Killer.

Husband Killers poster 1

However, like Robbery, the marketing for Husband Killers seems to pay a lot of homage to America’s grindhouse cinema of the 1970s.  More than six different, retro stylized posters have been released to promote the film, each one making Husband Killers look like it could just as easily play a vintage doublebill with Foxy Brown or Switchbalde Sisters.  Check out these alternative posters Fire Lee’s new cult classic in the making.

Husband Killers poster 2

Husband Killers poster 3.jpg

Husband Killers poster 4

Husband Killers poster 5
The poster art is beautiful done in each instance, but I have to admit what most gets my curiosity is the tagline “You boil, I kill.  No method.”  I can only hope a viewing of the film will clear that up for me.

Here’s the synopsis from distributor Bravos Pictures:

A contract killer and cat burglar find out they share the same man and decide to kill each other. After discovering the man has another woman, the two women team up to hunt down the man and his mistress. It turns out to be a plot orchestrated by their man to eliminate the three of them all at once. Infuriated, the trio swear to slay the cheater.

The film stars Chrissie Chau (29+1, Kick Ass Girls), Stephy Tang (The Empty Hands, Special Female Force), and Gaile Lok (My Sweetie) as the three women over and against the man who’s been cheating them all.

Produced by Ng Kin-Hung (Lan Kwai Fong 1-3, Sex and Zen 3D), the film promises to be a fun, over the top, sometimes silly, sometimes trashy, sexy action film.

Husband Killers opens in Hong Kong today, after a successful international film festival run.


Producer: Ng Kin-Hung
Director: Fire Lee
Cast: Stephy Tang, Chrissie Chau, Gaile Lok
Genre: Comedy Crime Drama Thriller
Running Time: 96 minutes
Category: IIB
Language: Cantonese

Source: Bravos Pictures website女士復仇 Husband Killers Facebook page

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