While it is somewhat universally acknowledged that Massive Attack are a force to be reckoned with, in trip-hop and the music industry in general, one could argue that their work never sounded so dreamy or sublime, as when it was remixed by Neil Joseph Stephen Fraser aka The Mad Professor.

Taking on the the entire Protection album and warping it into the spaced out No Protection, instrumental versions of the songs are chopped up, rearranged and treated to heavy doses of reverb, phasing and delay, along with some additional procession. Song titles are also changed from their original names to altered ones, which is why Weather Storm is now called Cool Monsoon.

While we do tend to pick one song, from an album, we strongly would suggest listening to No Protection in it’s entirety. Until then here is the kind of music we suspect the protagonist Case would have been listening to in William Gibson’s cyberpunk novel, Neuromancer. It’s sublime. It’s dub. It’s the Cool Monsoon.

Album: No Protection / Release Date: 1995 / Label: Wild Bunch Records.

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