Aphex Twin’s Rare Fuji Rock Festival Cassette Streaming.

Aphex Twin aka Richard D. James  is considered by many to be a tremendously talented and influential figure within the music industry.  With albums such as Selected Ambient Works 85-92, The Richard D. James Album, Drukqs and Syro he’s more often than not surprised his audiences and pushed other musicians around him to do better.

After a prolonged silence in the early 2000’s (with the exception of some scattered releases under other pseudonyms) James came out of self imposed exile of sorts and has since released a tsunami of work that has not only again solidified him as a musical titan but in some cases caused audiences to flock and collect his work. At times he has releases anywhere from 1 (the single vinyl copy of the Caustic Window album) to 500 copies of his work.


The 500 copies references to the jet black cassette tapes Aphex Twin released, when he  was playing at the Fuji Rock Festival earlier this year. With the rare tapes now going for hundreds of US dollars and his label giving away a last copy in a recently announced raffle, fans may be curious as too what was on the tape to begin with.

Well no need to fear, as a recently uploaded YouTube video containing the contents of the cassette can now be streamed.

The tape contains a true mix of material ranging from modular synth experiments to more complete ambient and outtakes from the Syro album.

While we don’t think this would make up being able to say you own one of the 500 tapes, it does at least let you hear what those lucky few can.

Note that tracks from his single vinyl release of the Caustic Window Album are also streaming, so for those of you who haven’t heard those, do yourself a favor and check them out too.

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