China’s Rambo Equivalent Wolf Warrior 2 hits the US on Bluray

The American action films of the 1980’s showed the likes of Silvester Stallone take on the Russians in Rambo III and Mainland China realized it’s equivalent in 2017, with it box office juggernaut Wolf Warrior 2.

Grossing a very impressive US$850 million at the Mainland Chinese Box Office, the story focuses on a lone warrior (or wolf warrior) Leng Feng (Wu Jing) who gets caught a conflict within an African nation, where Big Daddy (Frank Grillo) and his group of mercenaries ignite a civil war. Being a man with special skills it is now is up to Leng Feng, to rescue a group of Chinese civilians who are caught behind enemy lines. The film is over the top, features crazy stunt work and the fight choreography is top notch.

If you wanna see the film Well Go USA is releasing the Bluray on December 12th, featuring the Mandarin (and occasional English) audio track plus English subtitles.


Wolf Warrior 2 will be available at select stores and online retail sites such as amazon.

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