Upon hearing American House music in his native Toyko during the late 1980’s Shinichiro Yokota decided to get into the genre himself and along with his friend Soichi Terada produced what argumentatively could have been the first Japanese house records. The records were released on Terada’s Far East Recordings label and have since become house classics on a global scale.

Do it Again is a good example of one of those records, using a catchy melody, a female vocal sample and piano chords.

The track sounds like a something you’d find among the record collection of a cool anime girl, who likes to fight crime at night and sunbath on her rooftop during the day.

Album: (12 inch Vinyl) Soichi Terada & Shinichiro Yokota / Release Date: 1992 / Label: Far East Recordings.

Note: A compilation album called: Sounds From The Far East was reissued in 2015 featuring music from both Yokata and Terada.

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