Owner of the Far East Recordings and best friends with fellow Japanese house pioneer Shinichiro Yokota. Soichi Terada not only is a pioneer when it comes to Japanese house music but also is known for both composing soundtracks to video games such as Ape Escape and Japanese TV shows such as Psychometrer Eiji.  The track Purple Haze sounds exactly like that or the sun setting … Continue reading SOICHI TERADA – PURPLE HAZE

Spinnortality: Evil Corporate Video Game

Ever wondered what it was like to be the CEO of the evil corporation cyberpunk protagonists fight against in their films, stories or video games? Well here is your chance to find out! Spinnortality allows you to play the role of the evil corporation as you, invent evil technology, influence political elections, destabilize stock markets, kill people, influence laws in nations and more evil corporate … Continue reading Spinnortality: Evil Corporate Video Game


Upon hearing American House music in his native Toyko during the late 1980’s Shinichiro Yokota decided to get into the genre himself and along with his friend Soichi Terada produced what argumentatively could have been the first Japanese house records. The records were released on Terada’s Far East Recordings label and have since become house classics on a global scale. Do it Again is a … Continue reading SHINICHIRO YOKOTA – DO IT AGAIN

New Mega Drive / Genesis Game Xeno Crisis

It just seems that the Sega Mega Drive aka Genesis just won’t die and we have to say the more great post era titles come out, the more we love it. Xeno Crisis literally is a big scoop of 80’s pop culture all wrapped into one 16 bit game. Combining elements of James Cameron’s Aliens (the title riff’s off of the Xenomorphs and the character … Continue reading New Mega Drive / Genesis Game Xeno Crisis

Limited Edition Scream Factory John Carpenter Steelbooks

Scream Factory will be releasing 10,000 limited edition steelbook blurays, of two more John Carpenter films. Having previously released They Live, Escape From New York and The Fog, up next will be Assault on Precinct 13 and Prince of Darkness. The limited edition Prince of Darkness Steelbook will come out March 27th, 2018 and include; Audio Commentary By Writer/Director John Carpenter And Peter Jason Sympathy … Continue reading Limited Edition Scream Factory John Carpenter Steelbooks


Hailing from Texas Lusine ICL aka L’usine is the artist name of Jeff McIlwain who produces IDM tracks known for their fractured and experimental nature. Neon demonstrates his talent for both arrangement and space within a track. The track sounds like the swirling concoction of city lights and shifting imagery, all mixed into a drink found at a bar on top of a building, overlooking … Continue reading LUSINE ICL – NEON

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

It’s been 30 years since Capcom introduced the now legendary Street Fighter Series to arcades and later home consoles. So to celebrate the games important and vast linage, Capcom are releasing the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. Available for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC, the collection will contain twelve games in total. A notable game on the list, is the first ever … Continue reading Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection