Spinnortality: Evil Corporate Video Game

Ever wondered what it was like to be the CEO of the evil corporation cyberpunk protagonists fight against in their films, stories or video games? Well here is your chance to find out! Spinnortality allows you to play the role of the evil corporation as you, invent evil technology, influence political elections, destabilize stock markets, kill people, influence laws in nations and more evil corporate … Continue reading Spinnortality: Evil Corporate Video Game

New Mega Drive / Genesis Game Xeno Crisis

It just seems that the Sega Mega Drive aka Genesis just won’t die and we have to say the more great post era titles come out, the more we love it. Xeno Crisis literally is a big scoop of 80’s pop culture all wrapped into one 16 bit game. Combining elements of James Cameron’s Aliens (the title riff’s off of the Xenomorphs and the character … Continue reading New Mega Drive / Genesis Game Xeno Crisis

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

It’s been 30 years since Capcom introduced the now legendary Street Fighter Series to arcades and later home consoles. So to celebrate the games important and vast linage, Capcom are releasing the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. Available for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC, the collection will contain twelve games in total. A notable game on the list, is the first ever … Continue reading Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

Kojima Productions Apparel Pre-Order

Fans of Hideo Kojima will undoubtedly be excited for his first game developed by his new studio Kojima Productions. A trailer for Death Stranding (staring Norman Reedus) was recently previewed at the 2017 Game Awards and fans were both stunned and excited, to see what the game will be like. While the game will certainly take some time to come out, a pre-order for an … Continue reading Kojima Productions Apparel Pre-Order

Polymega Modular Console Coming 2018

Retro game freaks rejoice! A console that is able to switch out different modules to play games from the past will be arriving in 2018. The interchangeable modules will cover the: Nes/Famicom Super Nintendo / Super Famicom Megadrive/ Genesis Turbo Graphics 16 / PC Engine TurboGrafx-CD Sega CD / Mega CD Sega 32X Sony PlayStation Neo Geo CD (which will load quicker than the original) … Continue reading Polymega Modular Console Coming 2018

Snatcher OST On Vinyl

Before he became the famed video game auteur that he now is, via the Metal Gear Solid series, Hideo Kojima wrote and directed the cult cyberpunk point and click detective game Snatcher. Set in a dystopian future, Snatcher riffs off of numerous sci-fiĀ  / cyberpunk films (such as Blade Runner, Aliens, Dune and The Terminator) to create a game that infuses familiar elements within a … Continue reading Snatcher OST On Vinyl

Big Boys Toys Bulkyz Ken

Hong Kong based designer toy company Big Boys Toys, has released the 2nd figure, in it’s Street Fighter 2 Bulkyz collection, with the addition of Ken (having previously started the collection with Ryu). The company notes that the design perfectly reflects the characters colors from the original Street Fighter 2 video game. The figure was officially licensed from and approved by Capcom (the games creators) … Continue reading Big Boys Toys Bulkyz Ken