Ninja Tune Make A Delay Effects Unit!

It’s not often that records labels make effects units for musicians to use, but this is exactly what is happening with the legendary British record label Ninja Tune! The label, whose artists consist of groundbreaking producers such as Wagon Christ, Actress and Amon Tobin, seem to be releasing a delay unit called the Zen Delay with some help from Eric Synths. The four delay styles … Continue reading Ninja Tune Make A Delay Effects Unit!


Haling from Los Angeles, California; Ariel Pink aka Ariel Marcus Rosenberg is a multi-instrumentalist, whose songs cover a number of genre’s. Lipstick is a prime example of his 80’s inspired vibes. The lyrics seem to tell the grizzly tale of murder, all wrapped in a wonderfully catchy, underground pop vibe. If you want something to read true murder stories too, while drinking milkshakes, this is … Continue reading ARIEL PINK – LIPSTICK


Owner of the Far East Recordings and best friends with fellow Japanese house pioneer Shinichiro Yokota. Soichi Terada not only is a pioneer when it comes to Japanese house music but also is known for both composing soundtracks to video games such as Ape Escape and Japanese TV shows such as Psychometrer Eiji.  The track Purple Haze sounds exactly like that or the sun setting … Continue reading SOICHI TERADA – PURPLE HAZE


Hailing from Texas Lusine ICL aka L’usine is the artist name of Jeff McIlwain who produces IDM tracks known for their fractured and experimental nature. Neon demonstrates his talent for both arrangement and space within a track. The track sounds like the swirling concoction of city lights and shifting imagery, all mixed into a drink found at a bar on top of a building, overlooking … Continue reading LUSINE ICL – NEON

Aphex Twin’s Rare Fuji Rock Festival Cassette Streaming.

Aphex Twin aka Richard D. James  is considered by many to be a tremendously talented and influential figure within the music industry.  With albums such as Selected Ambient Works 85-92, The Richard D. James Album, Drukqs and Syro he’s more often than not surprised his audiences and pushed other musicians around him to do better. After a prolonged silence in the early 2000’s (with the … Continue reading Aphex Twin’s Rare Fuji Rock Festival Cassette Streaming.

TELEPATH テレパシー能力者 – 私はあなたのことをいつまでも愛します

A member of the prestigious vaporwave record label Dream Catalogue and of one half of the duo 2814, Telepath テレパシー能力者’s opening track of his album あなたの愛, is a hypnotic swirling deep bass opus using dub like techniques with careful production. His techniques deliver something truly different and even if it does use samples from older records, the result is something entirely new, painting a world … Continue reading TELEPATH テレパシー能力者 – 私はあなたのことをいつまでも愛します